• "Family Channel - Kabelvision" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x CaptureBox on Matrox Digisuite LX, 2x AirBox on Matrox RT 2500, 1x TitleBox on Matrox Digisuite LX - 24h Family Movie on Cable TV Network
  • "Go ( Gospel Overseas ) Tv Network" - Cikarang-Jabar, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on Decklink SP, 1x TitleBox on Decklink SP - Christian & Education Local TV
  • "Ratih TV Kebumen" - Kebumen - Jawa Tengah, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on SigmaDesign Xcard, 1x CaptureBox on Snazzy DV - Kebumen Local TV.
  • "Cahaya TV" - Banten, Indonesia - local TV station - running 2xAirBox servers and 2xTitleBox station, all based on Decklink SP.
  • "Spacetoon" - Children Local TV, with branches in Jakarta, Bandung & Malang, Indonesia - running 5x AirBox on Blackmagic Design Decklink SP & 1xListBox.
  • "Indonesia TV (ITV)" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on SigmaDesign XCard, 1x CaptureBox on Matrox RTX100, 1x ListBox - 24h local channel on cable network.
  • "Smart TV – Kabelvision" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 2x TitleBox on Dayang DigiTitle 64 - 24h entertainment channell on Cable TV Network.
  • "Deli TV" - Medan, Indonesia - 1x AirBox combo with 1x TitleBox on Matrox DigiSuite LX - Medan Local TV.
  • "Style Channel - Kabelvision" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on Matrox RT2500, 1x TitleBox on Dayang DigiTitle 64 - 24h Style channell on Cable TV Network
  • "Televisi Edukasi (TVE)" - Tangerang, Indonesia - State Education Channel TV Satellite and Terrestrial TV Broadcaster - running 1xAirBox server based on DeckLink, 2x AirBox servers with Matrox DigiSuite LX & 1xCaptureBox on Matrox DigiSuite LX with 1,2 TB Promise RM8000 External Attached Storage.
  • "Data Music Asia" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on SigmaDesign Xcard - 24h Music Channel on cable network
  • "Universitas Indonesia TV" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x AirBox on SigmaDesign Xcard, 1x CaptureBox on Snazzy DV - Indonesia University Majoring Broadcasting Degree
  • "Megaswara TV" - Bogor, Indonesia - 1x AirBox, 1x CaptureBox and 1xTitleBox, all based on on DeckLink SP platforms - Local Radio and TV station, broadcasting news and music.
  • "CakraBuara Channel" - Jakarta, Indonesia - 1x AirBox, 1x CaptureBox both on DeckLink SP - Local TV station broadcasting high school channel.
  • "Malang TV" - Jawa Timur, Indonesia - local TV running 1xAirBox channel based on DeckLink SP. 1xTitleBox license is used for on-air graphics on separate station with DeckLink SP.
  • "UCB Indonesia" - Tangerangi, Indonesia - local branch of UCB International (New Zealand based non-denominational organization unifying independent Christian radio and television broadcasters worldwide) - running 2xAirBox servers and 2xDataBox/ListBox stations.
  • "Menado TV" - North Sulawesi Island, Indonesia - local TV channel running 1xAirBox server.
  • "Hyunday Home shopping" - Jakarta, Indonesia - a part of Overseas Korean Television Network - running 1xAirBox, 1xCaptureBox and 1xTitleBox station - all based on Decklink SP platform.
  • "UNDP School Broadcast Media" - Jakarta, Indonesia - school TV channel - running 1xTitleBox station, based on Dayang DigiTitle-64.
  • "Indonesia Music TV" - Bandung, West Java, Indonesia - running 3xAirBox servers and 2xTitleBox stations, all based on DeckLink SP.
  • "Depok TV" - Depok, Indonesia - Cakra Buana Broadcast School - running 1xTitleBox on DeckLink SP platform.
  • "Bali Ranadha Televisi" - Bali, Indonesia - local TV station - running a PLAYBOX complex, consisting of 4xAirBox servers, 3xCaptureBox ingest stations, all based on Matrox platform, plus 3xListBox playlist preparation stations.
  • "Padjajaran TV" - Bandung , Jawa Barat, Indonesia - running 1xAirBox server for the main playout and 1xAirBox LE for back up. 1xTitleBox station is used for dynamic graphics. All stations are based on DeckLink platforms.
  • "Pay TV - Indovision" - Indonesia - pay TV distributor, Indonesian 1st broadcast satellite provider - running 1xAirBox server on DeckLink platform.
  • "PT. Manajemen Qolbu Televisi" - Bandung, Indonesia - local TV station - running 1xAirBox server with BACK UP option, 1xTitleBox and 1xCaptureBox station, all based on DeckLink platform.

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